Impact investing


In recognition of Global Partnerships Week and International Women’s Day, our Investment Director Suzanne Biegel writes about SPRING bridging the gap between development and private sector efforts to make the world a better place for adolescent girls living in poverty. “On this 2016 International Women’s Day, think about girls and young women as customers and […]

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Katsina, Nigeria- Hauwau Ummaru,15, in Dannabasu Village, Nigeria on Friday, August 31, 2012.
(Jane Hahn)

SPRING will be hosting a session at the Sankalp Africa Summit on 25th February 2:30-4pm, in Nairobi, Kenya. Titled Impact Beyond the Entrepreneur: SPRING’s Acceleration of the girl effect, a number of our ventures from across East Africa will participate in an interactive session on investing in companies whose products or services have the ability […]

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