screen-shot-2017-04-05-at-14-44-06This is our Knowledge Hub. You can find here a selection of resources we published about the lessons we learned along the way.

Myanmar girls

Between February and May 2018, SPRING conducted a landscaping study to explore the lives of adolescent girls in Myanmar. Employing a range of qualitative and participatory approaches, the research endeavoured to complement insights from earlier literature reviews. The resulting report represents this effort to understand girls’ lives in context – through their eyes and their […]

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When adolescent girls (aged 10-19) are included in education, health and economic investment, they have a better chance of achieving their full potential and breaking the inter-generational cycle of poverty. Business has the ability to reach girls with innovations that can help empower them. But due to constraints such as perceived limited purchasing power and […]

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SPRING’s hypothesis is that business has the power to help transform the lives of girls. The foundation of our approach is Human Centred Research and Design, which helps companies identify unmet needs and business opportunities. Since our launch in February 2015, we have worked with 55 companies across 15 sectors in eight countries across East […]

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Modern entrepreneurs understand the opportunity of low to very low income adolescent girls markets in Africa. $5 trillion is not negligible and many would like to be part of it, especially when you think of the social impact it would have. But businesses are yet to crack the code on how best to develop sustainable […]

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SPRING hosted a strategic outreach event in Kathmandu featuring the Nepalese SPRING Cohort 2 businesses and brought together the donor, development, private sector and investors communities. The goal of the conference was to create a space for the businesses to connect with the attendees to form meaningful partnerships, expand the ventures’ networks, raise the business […]

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