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Khenz is a software company pioneering e-ticketing solutions and developing other electronic systems for public transportation in Rwanda. Carrying cash can be dangerous for girls, and most e-ticketing solutions require users to have a bank account. Khenz’s extended sales channels for transport operators allows users to purchase tickets electronically through mobile phones or the next shop, increasing safety and mobility for girls.


Sanivation is an innovative waste collection service that brings better hygiene, dignity and eco-efficiency to the sanitation sector. The lack of sanitary toilets in homes creates health risks for girls and their families. For ~$7 a month, Sanivation clients receive a toilet and bi-weekly servicing. Better yet: the waste product gets processed to produce fuel briquettes that are cheaper than charcoal, providing an inventive fuel solution.


Sare Millers are a one-stop shop for livestock and poultry farmers that address Kenya’s growing need for protein-rich, affordable animal feeds. In addition to its feeds, Sare Millers educates adolescent girls about the economic opportunity and best practices of poultry farming. The end result: more financial security for girls, more nutritious food for the community.


Shekina Enterprise is an agro-processing company that specialises in dry goods. They are a pioneer firm in the dried cassava leaves market, with the potential to turn the leaves into an international household product. Drought-resistant cassava leaves are an African staple and a centrepiece for many girls’ crops in Rwanda. Shekina has increased demand and price for the plant, plus, its collection centres cut down on travel for farmers and employ young women for sorting.


Doctor Search is expanding the reach of medical care in Kenya to under-served women and girls, both in rural and urban areas. It connects users to doctors and other clinicians via its website and app. Health promotion and disease prevention often arrive too late for adolescent girls, or miss them completely.


Tiny Totos is a social enterprise that works in informal settlements to provide affordable and safe childcare services to preschool children. Working in partnership with existing daycare ventures, they set standards for the centres by providing training, investment and grants to entrepreneurs living in these settlements. The opportunities and impact on adolescent girls are twofold: affordable, high quality childcare for young mothers, and business opportunities for adolescent females living in informal settlements.


Totohealth is a free pregnancy and early childhood text-message service with a pioneering funding model for the health sector. In too many cases, young mothers lack the information they need to keep their children healthy. Toto Health helps to reduce maternal and child mortality by sending appointment reminders, surveys and announcements to parents to ensure they get the medical intervention they need, when they need it.


Village Energy provides solar repair services to homes across East Africa. In rural communities, families lack access to energy sources and resort to potentially harmful and expensive kerosene products to get by. Where families do have access to solar, product repairs can take anything from 4-6 weeks, costing valuable time to women and girls who most often rely on energy to help with household duties. Village Energy significantly reduces the repair time for solar products through its network of franchised technicians.