Evaluation Summary

Evaluation Summary

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Tetra Tech International Development (formerly Coffey International) is the independent Evaluation Partner (EP) for SPRING. Focusing on both learning and accountability, Tetra Tech aims to fill the gaps in the international knowledge base around what works (and what does not) and why, in reaching girls using the private sector.
The Evaluation & Research practice at Tetra Tech uses knowledge to improve performance. We measure the impact of work, then use that information to promote results-based management and decision-making, working with donors, governments, NGOs, universities, foundations and private businesses. We carry out high-quality independent evaluations and impact assessments and build robust monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems, both for clients and for Tetra Tech’s own programmes, ensuring that rigorous M&E is embedded in all our work.

Our SPRING Evaluation

The evaluation assesses whether the SPRING programme achieved its objectives by delivering the types of change set out in the Theory of Change (ToC). This ran parallel with the SPRING implementation and continued after programme ended to capture longer-term impacts of SPRING. The evaluation gathered evidence through three components:

1Programme Performance Evaluation

The Programme Performance Evaluation (PPE) looks at the effectiveness of the programme, provided regular recommendations to the Implementing Partner (IP) to adapt its implementation strategy between cohorts, and synthesised findings and lessons learned regarding programme design and delivery.
Download Summative Programme Performance Report

2Business Performance Evaluation

The Business Performance Evaluation (BPE) looks at the performance of SPRING businesses (in terms of sales, investment readiness, and number of girls reached), assessing how this changed as a result of participation in SPRING. It also generated lessons about what works and what does not for businesses to reach adolescent girls with market-based solutions.
Download Summative Business Performance Evaluation Report

Download the Business Sustainability Report

3Impact Evaluation

The Impact Evaluation (IE) looks at how and to what extent adolescent girls have benefitted from SPRING products, services, or income-generation opportunities. This is done through longitudinal and (where possible) quasi-experimental evaluation designs. The IE covered two SPRING businesses per cohort with tailored baseline research before the launch of their SPRING prototypes and an end-line study after the prototypes had been delivered. The timeframe for each IE was tailored to the business specifics.

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