The Himalayan Rabbit Farm

The Himalayan Rabbit Farm proves affordable nutrition and economic opportunities for girls and young women in Nepal through rabbit farming.

EcoFuels Kenya (EFK)

Ecofuels Kenya provides organic agricultural and energy products made from croton nuts to address rural poverty. Through their Mukondori centers, girls earn money by selling croton nuts they have collected and can receive training and inputs to expand their business as croton suppliers.

Honey Care Africa

HoneyCare Africa promotes sustainable beekeeping in Kenya via a network of smallholder farmers, increasing rural farming families’ incomes production of honey, purchased at fair market prices. Their honey and sesame-based ‘zacco bites’ were developed as an affordable and nutritious snack aimed at adolescent girls.

Illuminum Greenhouses

Illuminum Greenhouses constructs affordable modern greenhouses in Kenya and installs automated drip irrigation kits for small holder farmers by using locally available materials and solar powered sensors.


R & D is a woman-owned agribusiness company based in Nepal that has multiple business streams with a focus on strengthening female agro entrepreneurs. This includes the highest circulation agro magazine with a readership of 100K farmers, a chain of Green Mart stores and farmers markets that sell agricultural produce directly from farmers to consumers.


Shreenagar, a large national agribusiness in Nepal, increases both business and nutritional impact by encouraging adolescent girls to eat more eggs so they consume more affordable high quality protein.


KadAfrica is a Ugandan agricultural company that engages out-of-school girls between the ages of 14-24 in passion fruit farming. Through the ‘KadAfrica Experience’ girls complete a 6-month curriculum that includes technical, agriculture and life skills training. They then begin to harvest and sell passion fruit back to KadAfrica, which processes, packs and transports it for sale to both local and international markets.


Sare Millers are a one-stop shop for livestock and poultry farmers that address Kenya’s growing need for protein-rich, affordable animal feeds. In addition to its feeds, Sare Millers educates adolescent girls about the economic opportunity and best practices of poultry farming. The end result: more financial security for girls, more nutritious food for the community.