Food and Nutrition


RIZQ uses an innovative model to tackle food insecurity and malnutrition in Pakistan. They source food and monetary donations from restaurants, hotels and private donors, and provide nutritious meals at food banks or low-cost food points to food insecure families in underserved ares. Their school lunch programme ensures that students can eat at least one nutritious meal per day and provides incentives for parents to keep them in school.

Honey Care Africa

HoneyCare Africa promotes sustainable beekeeping in Kenya via a network of smallholder farmers, increasing rural farming families’ incomes production of honey, purchased at fair market prices. Their honey and sesame-based ‘zacco bites’ were developed as an affordable and nutritious snack aimed at adolescent girls.

Illuminum Greenhouses

Illuminum Greenhouses constructs affordable modern greenhouses in Kenya and installs automated drip irrigation kits for small holder farmers by using locally available materials and solar powered sensors.


Shreenagar, a large national agribusiness in Nepal, increases both business and nutritional impact by encouraging adolescent girls to eat more eggs so they consume more affordable high quality protein.


Shekina Enterprise is an agro-processing company that specialises in dry goods and is a pioneer firm in the dried cassava leaves market, which are an African staple and a centerpiece for many girls’ crops in Rwanda. Shekina has increased demand and price for the plant and its collection centres shorten travel for farmers and employ young women for sorting.