Jeeon works with pharmacies to improve the quality of health care, products and services available to young women and others in rural communities of Bangladesh. Their digital app provides skill-building modules to improve pharmacists’ clinical knowledge and skills, and allows them to conveniently source quality drugs, laboratory tests, eyeglasses, and other products and services.

Koe Koe Tech

Koe Koe Tech is an IT company that provides women and girls with information and resources on sexual and reproductive health via a mobile app.

Maya Apa

Maya Apa provides girls and adolescent women in Bangladesh with guidance on mental health and other topics through an anonymous messaging platform that connects users to experts.

Pan Ka Lay

Pan Ka Lay is the first organisation dedicated to menstruation health awareness and health in Myanmar through research, advocacy, education, awareness campaigns and menstrual health products – aiming to overcome menstrual health stigmas in Myanmar society and empower girls and women to manage their menstruation safely and confidently.


Babyl is the first-of-its-kind digital health service in Rwanda, accessible by smartphone and feature phone, that provides medical triage, nurse and doctor consultations, e-prescriptions, and electronic medical records so that patients no longer need to walk or travel long distances to receive high quality, affordable healthcare. They also offer a free call-in advice hotline aimed at providing reproductive health and other information to adolescent girls.


Dubbed the Deliveroo for tampons and contraceptives in rural Africa, Kasha is an e-commerce platform in Rwanda that sells and delivers women’s healthcare products confidentially and discretely to women.

MicroHealth Initiative

MicroHealth Initiative provides affordable health coverage to low and middle-income earners across Tanzania. Their ‘dada card’ product for girls includes not only insurance coverage, but linkages to youth-friendly care facilities, health education via sms, and value-added benefits.


Telemed provides reliable and affordable access to health care services and information for girls through a technology platform and a mobile app.

Totohealth Tanzania

Totohealth offers a free pregnancy and early childhood text-message service that helps reduce maternal and child mortality in Tanzania by sending appointment reminders, surveys and announcements to parents to ensure they get the medical intervention they need, when they need it.