Drinkwell offers proprietary water purification and dispensing technology that removes arsenic and other contaminants while reducing energy costs and wasted water by more than 95%. Through a partnership with a local utility company, their mobile money-enabled water ATMs make safe drinking water more affordable and accessible to millions of people in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


SmartPaani offers innovative water management solutions for rainwater harvesting, water filtration and wastewater treatment in order to tackle the increasing shortage of safe water in Nepal. Through their Filter+ programme, they partner will schools to increase girls’ access to clean water and WASH education.


AfricAqua develops sustainable decentralised safe water systems in rural areas in Kenya through a network of water shops to shorten the distance girls need to travel for clean water. Adolescent girls spend hours each week gathering water, much of which is not clean and poses significant health risks.


Jibu provides a water purification and distribution model that entrepreneurs can implement across East Africa. Safe, affordable drinking water is a scarcity in underserved urban areas, and fetching it costs adolescent girls hours of their time each week. Jibu provides seed franchising to deliver a high quality, easily replicable purification model. Its franchise system also incentivises entrepreneurs to create local jobs.


Sanivation is an innovative waste collection service. The lack of sanitary toilets in homes creates health risks for girls and their families. For $7 a month, Sanivation clients receive a toilet and bi-weekly servicing. The waste product gets processed to produce fuel briquettes that are cheaper than charcoal, providing an inventive fuel solution.