We’re at Sankalp Africa Summit 2016!

We’re at Sankalp Africa Summit 2016!

SPRING will be hosting a session at the Sankalp Africa Summit on 25th February 2:30-4pm, in Nairobi, Kenya.

Titled Impact Beyond the Entrepreneur: SPRING’s Acceleration of the girl effect, a number of our ventures from across East Africa will participate in an interactive session on investing in companies whose products or services have the ability to transform the lives of adolescent girls living in poverty.

The session will introduce SPRING’s human centred design programme, created in partnership with award winning San-Francisco based agency fuseproject. It is a must attend for any investors, foundations, corporate actors and accelerator programmers who want to understand the opportunities and challenges girl-focused businesses face on the ground.

The outcome of the session will include greater insight into why investing in girls matters for investors and businesses seeking innovation, and what new strategies these enterprises are undertaking to work with girls across the value chain, and innovating products, services, and employment models for girls.

Conversation starters include SPRING’s Investment Director Suzanne Biegel, Uganda Country Manager Barbara Birungi, Kenya Country Manager Patricia Jumi, Rwanda Country Manager Sara Leedom, and Business Innovation Strategist Sam Sturm from fuseproject. The interactive braintrust format of the session will include more than 8 of the SPRING ventures.

Now in its third year, the annual Sankalp Africa Summit hosts exciting conversations on entrepreneurship, innovation and inclusive development. This year’s theme is “Spurring the Entrepreneurship Economy” – the forum will take a comprehensive look at the different strata of society which shape, influence, and stimulate inclusive and high-impact enterprises, while also building markets to efficiently carry these businesses to scale, enabling them to reach their full potential.  

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