When creativity serves a purpose

When creativity serves a purpose

In April and May 2017, The Yard Creative worked closely with Sehat Kahani, one of our Pakistan businesses from Cohort 2, as part of our Corporate Partnerships programme. Sehat Kahani was about to open 5 clinics to provide access to health care for marginalised communities in urban and rural Pakistan who extremely lack access to affordable quality medical services. Sehat Kahani needed critical support in designing the interior space of their clinics, to ensure they establish their brand and have consistency between all their clinics. The Yard Creative offered a pro-bono designing team to meet their needs.

We asked The Yard Creative how this collaboration worked out for them.

SPRING: What are you looking for in partnerships and organisations you are supporting – why did you decide to support SPRING, one more specifically Sehat Kahani.
The Yard Creative (TYC): TYC approached SPRING after seeing Ramona Liberoff (the CEO) talk at the leading trend briefing in London. We were immediatly inspired by SPRINGs vision and mission to transform the lives of adolescent girls by creating sustainable markets for life-enhancing products and services, TYC was keen to find an opportunity to partner with such a good cause.

SPRING: How has the overall collaboration been?
TYC: It’s been a fantastic experience that our team thoroughly enjoyed. Our designers felt that the time donated was exceptionally valuable and fulfilling. They enjoyed learning more about the culture and lifestyle of adolescent girls in Pakistan.

SPRING: Can you share one thing that worked particularly well?
TYC: The team communications with the participant (Sehat Kahani) in Pakistan helped to bring home to our design team the very real challenges of limited budgets and resources.

SPRING: What have you learned about the importance of supporting businesses in emerging markets that address the needs of women and adolescent girls?
[TYC] TYC has always been passionate about helping those less fortunate than ourselves and as a result we have donated our expertise, knowledge and time on multiple
occasions. The special thing about SPRING is the real change that we can help to affect in places that we would not be able to access on our own.

SPRING: What role do you think design agencies can play in supporting women and girls worldwide?
TYC: We strongly believe that global design hubs, such as London, have a responsibility to lead the way with supporting organisations such as SPRING. Supporting SPRING has been a deeply fulfilling activity that benefits all involved.

“Our overall experience with The Yard has been extremely wonderful. Although they were an international company, they understood the nature of our work and the needs of our communities very well. They were easy to approach, super cooperative and incorporated our brand elements smartly in their designs.  The graphical designs that The Yard has proposed for the interior of our clinics and corporate stationery are simple, economic and have a warm feel to them. It was a great pleasure for us to have worked with them and hope to collaborate for future ventures.”  – Team Sehat Kahani

We at SPRING feel very pleased with the immense work TYC have done on this! We are grateful for the professionalism, as well as of course the actual results that they have delivered! This will go far in making Sehat Kahani more successful and more effective at tackling the access-to-health challenges that people face in Pakistan. Thank you!

The ideal clinic interior designed by The Yard Creative
And its real life application – work in progress